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Adventure Time Heroine Creator
Look what's finally here!!!

So I did it, I completed a dress up game in a week (and just in time too since it's almost midnight!)

This is FAR from being 100% done, but this is a great start for the game until I'm able to get the full version of Flash.

However, this game DOES allow you to customize almost every aspect of your character, including each piece of clothing, from the collar, bodice, and even different bottom options. You can even customize your own animal companion!

Socks, gloves, and hold-able items will be available in the updated version later on.

Note: The reset button at the end only resets clothing, hair, and the girl's skin colour. The other colour palettes stay the same.

Note2: The pet is draggable! If you do not wish to use the pet, you can drag them off screen. If you want them back, click anywhere on the screen, and drag your friend right back! 

Note3: I had the program a little linger than I thought, so I made a logo for my dress up games! It's on the last page, and if you click it it should take you to my dress up games page. :>

I hope you guys enjoy this, and please take a screenshot and show me what you made!!!

All the official backgrounds were from Google, and belong to the art team on Adventure Time.
Adventure Time: Character Creator V.3 TEASER
Hey there! So I haven't been able to work on my LoliRock game, since I've had no laptop since December. However, I did get a replacement recently, but there's no Adobe products on it yet. Well, the other day I downloaded a 7-Day trial for Adobe Animate, which is the new version of Flash basically. Unfortunately, Animate only supports Action Script 3 coding, and my games are in AS2. I learned how to code in AS3 and decided to push myself to try to complete a game within that time limit, and this is the game I'm working on!

My previous Adventure Time creator is pretty popular, even tho that game is so amateur it's embarrassing lol. So I'm giving it an upgrade! I hope you guys get as excited about it as I am!

Also, the options will be very small as of right now, but when I'm able to get the full version of Flash back I'll add more options and update the game.

Thank you for your continued support and patience!!! <3
I'm working on a basic "Avatar Creator" sort of dress up game right now. Why? Well, one of my friends at Job Corps wants to help me code my future games, so I'm making a basic game for her to practice coding. This will help me out so much with producing game faster for you all to enjoy! Thank you for your patience ; u;
I wanna draw more Demure stuff, but I'm not sure of what? If anyone has any ideas please let me know ; u;
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So, while I'm working on my LoliRock game I'm making a smaller dress up game! It's a "ballroom" dress up, where you can customize a female and male character in a ballroom setting! Their relation to each other is totally up to you as well! Should be outsoon, so keep an eye out! :> 


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Currently working on a webcomic, dress up games, and learning to animate in both Flash and Maya



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Kama-Ta Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I don't know if you been asked this or not, but how do you make those flash dress and character creator games?
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
There's lots of tutorials online to help you start out. As long as you have the Adobe Flash program you should be fine. I might end up making a tutorial of my own sometime.
Kama-Ta Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I see , thank you!
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ye! :>
RinKagamineNow Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday!! Heart birthday cake Heart 
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh no, thank you!
NightWalker120 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Student Artist
Happy early birthday :)
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Aaah, thanks /u\
Tyrant-Destroyugh Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good to see you're still doing art!
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Oh, hey! Yeah, but I don't post much on here other than my dress up games lol most of my doodles are on tumblr.
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